President's Message - 2020

What a winter!!!


Last year this was my first comment, and I feel this needs to be repeated. March started with a beautiful weekend with 10 – 15C with the sun shining and early spring. We had limited snow over the winter months and many warm days that allowed the snow that fell to melt.

But how quickly events have changed. In late January the first cases of COVID - 19 reached our countries. By early March, the virus was declared a pandemic by the WHO.

We are being asked to quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days where necessary, countries issuing travel bans, borders closed, schools closed, events cancelled and learning social distancing. How life can change for us all in a very short time.

We are unaware how long it will be until life is back to normal. The Board will be monitoring the situation in relation to our planned events this summer. If necessary, we will postpone or cancel events. 

At a time like this, we need to support and care for our families, friends, neighbours and the people who are our extended community. Listen to the direction of the different levels of government and health officials.   We need to work together as a team to eliminate this threat and hopefully by the summer when we next meet, this virus will be under complete control.

In August last summer, the BBCA board distributed a survey to get your feedback on the plan to create a disposal site for the level 1 Nuclear Waste in Huron-Kinloss Township. This survey also gave us an opportunity to educate people about the project.

We had an incredible response from all age groups, over 400 cottagers participated. It was very important to hear from the young people on the beach as this would have a greater impact on them. The results were posted on the website. (Still available

The majority of respondents did not favour Huron-Kinloss being the site for the disposal of this waste. We also published all the comments from the participants, and many expressed the pros and cons of the project. Very informative.

A copy of the survey results was made available to the Huron-Kinloss Mayor, Councillors and staff, the NWMO, and different levels of federal and provincial governments.

Though this is only my opinion, I believe our survey results, along with several other surveys and feedback from the residents were a factor in Huron-Kinloss being eliminated from the process.  As a result, we now have a simple method to get your opinion on other issues.

On behalf of the BBCA Members, a special thanks to George Spears, Kasia Seydegart, Cottage 43, who set up the questions and produced the report, John Spears, Cottage 46, who prepared the background information and Chris Davidson, Cottage 49, who set up the survey, collected the data and posted it on the website. And a special thanks to you for giving us your feedback.

This year, our members will be approached to decide on the issue of installation of natural gas for Bruce Beach. The cottagers between the 6th concession and the 8th will need to give their permission to install the lines on privately-owned property. This is the same process that was required to install the water lines a few years ago. I ask each area to start discussions with their members at their next meeting. The Board will attempt to get further information on this issue and distribute it to our members.

Again, this year, we are posting all the information in the Yearbook on the website. This will not include the listing of names, addresses and phone numbers. We will contact you to view your Yearbook at

My thanks for everyone who takes responsibility for all the events we have for our members. Especially those who are working on selective issues impacting their area. Volunteering to help makes our many activities a great success.

I look forward to seeing you this summer.


Stay healthy and safe. Cheers!!!


Susan Davidson,