E-mail from Brian MacEachern to Huron-Kinloss Council

Huron-Kinloss Council,

I'd like to thank Mayor Twolan, Councilors Abbott, Gamble, Hanna, and Murray for attending the BBCA AGM Meeting on Saturday. Your input is appreciated.

Councilor Hanna stated that the MOA between the Township and the MNRF prohibited the Township from altering the beach. I've just gone over the MOA and can now understand the confusion. The agreement states "The wording and design of the signs will be approved by the Ministry before being erected. They will deal with prohibiting the use of motorized vehicles on the beach, prohibiting litter, prohibiting the alteration and or destruction of sand dunes:...." There is often confusion between what is a beach, and what is a dune. Our Association is NOT asking for any alteration of the dunes. We realize the dunes are a necessary part of a dynamic beach and during high water years they protect the cottages. We are asking that the state of the beach be returned to the way it has existed for at least 100 years prior to the invasion by trees, particularly willow trees.

As well the MOA states that the Township will "ensure the protection of the ecological integrity of the beaches and dunes while providing public recreational day use of the beaches." There are many beaches with various recreational uses throughout the province. We are not asking for volleyball courts, horse shoe pits, etc. We are asking for a clear pathway along the shoreline where walking is possible.

The MOA also states "The Township agrees to monitor the beaches and carry out any enforcement and maintenance deemed necessary by the Township." Presently the Township has deemed it necessary to use a motorized vehicle on the beach to remove the algae. We greatly appreciate this. We now ask that the Township deem it necessary to remove trees from the beach (not the dunes) using motorized vehicles.


Brian MacEachern

President BBCA

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