Contact Information to Send Letting to Ministry of Natural Resources - RE: Willow Tree Removal

It has been suggested that the Bruce Beach Cottager's Association needs to put pressure on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in order to get the Township to remove the trees (particularly willows) that are infesting parts of the shoreline on the crown land (the beach) in front of our cottages. I don't want this to be a form letter I'd prefer that everyone interested use their own words. You needn't use a scientific argument, by appealing to the Minister (Kathryn McGarry) more on a personal level, hopefully she will reply herself instead of passing it on to a environmentalist.

You might mention that the Township of Huron-Kinloss refuses to consider our request by saying that the MNRF won't allow them to remove any vegetation from the beach.

You might mention that we are not asking that the dunes be altered, we are simply asking that trees, willows in particular, be removed from the beach along the shoreline. You can give your own personal reasons for wanting this. I'd suggest that Ontario residents copy your letter to your local MPP. Their addresses are easy to look up on the Ontario Government website. Americans I see no reason that you shouldn't express your dissatisfaction to the Minister.

If you want something done about the shoreline please encourage members of your family to send their own letter. The info you need to get started is below.

Thank you in advance. Brian MacEachern

Ms. Kathryn McGarry

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry


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