Response from the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

Thank you to all who came out this afternoon for our walk with MPP Lisa Thompson. Lisa was excellent in pin-pointing our needs and wishes. She has committed to setting up a meeting with all concerned parties (MNR, Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, the Township and the BBCA executive). Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

That said

​, below you will find the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation's reply to my letter containing the Ministry of the Environment's note from 2013 containing the recommendation that cottagers should ​Make sure your natural shoreline buffer is at least three metres from the water's edge. The wider the better. Very interesting read. We will wait until August 5th to question their interpretation of that recommendation. It is true that the MNR will not be sending anyone to speak to us. Tracy Allison (from the MNR)has told me over the phone that they have full confidence in The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation and whatever they decide is what they will support.

Brian MacEachern​

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Thank you for your email! I am really looking forward to speaking to your group on August 5. These types of meetings are a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and to gain different perspectives of how everyone uses and views Lake Huron.

Lake levels are definitely a hot topic for many cottage association groups this year, and people are really fascinated at the lake's ability to ebb and flow as it does. I was down at Lurgan Beach on the weekend and they have a similar experience as you do. Their beach, which 5 years ago was almost 20 meters wide, has now reduced to almost 1 meter because of the high lake levels. It seems that everyone is feeling the pinch! The "flashy" lake levels are very typical for Lake Huron, and this 30 year high-to-low lake level cycle is at its high pinnical, and it is very natural. In 5 years from now, the lake levels will go down and Lurgan Beach will have their 20m of beach again. Such is our beautiful lake... She is a fickle beast!

I think there may be confusion in the interpretation of the statement to mean that the buffer should start 3m from the water (which is not the case). The 3m wide statement is meant to be interpreted as the buffer of vegetation should be at least 3m wide, starting from the water's edge. This recommendation supports our decision. There are some great resources that can be found with a quick Google search about water-side buffers being used as nuisance wildlife deterants to prevent geese from contaminating the nearshore. I was just down in Lion's Head main beach last night and they have done some amazing restoration work along the public beach with planting a 3 meter buffer at the water's edge to prevent geese and gulls from using the area.

I understand from our prevous correspondance that you love your property and Lake Huron and have had the opportunity to watch her and enjoy the land for many decades. It is this passion for the Lake that really helps drive me in my work for a healthly lake as well. It is hard, I know, as someone who has had a cottage on Lake Huron my entire life and is the 5th generation to own this property, to manage extreme changes when they occur, or to deal with issues like smaller beach areas in front of the cottage or even the onslaught of tourists in the summer is a huge challenge. Luckily, folks like ourselves have the luxury of seeing these changes over decades, and in my experience, allows us to have increased respect and appreciation of Lake Huron.

I hope that the presentation I give at your meeting will be informative and fun for those in attendance.

I also hope that we at the Coastal Centre, who have 20 years of experience guiding and aiding coastal residents in their shoreline management can be a supportive body to those who wish to learn more about preserving their properties to be more resilient to fluctuations in water levels. Especially as this risk grows in the future with climate change.

Thanks again for your email, I hope this response helps ease your concerns about the lake levels. I am willing to wager that 3 years from now, you will have a few meters of your beautiful beach back again :)

Hannah Cann, M.Es

Coastal Stewardship Coordinator


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