Response to Honourable Kathryn McGarry

Tracy Allison

Resources Management Supervisor

Midhurst District

Dear Ms. Allison,

I am disappointed that someone from MNR wrote this letter for Ms. McGarry. I assume that she would have someone with an environmental background advise/write the letter for her. I see that "fake news" is alive and well in Canada. If I said that the OPP were a racist group everyone would rightly condemn me for such a false statement. For someone in MNR to state "As a result of shoreline development and recreational activities, the Great Lakes' dunes have undergone significant decline." is appalling to me. I have watched the Great Lakes' dunes from Kincardine to Point Clark over the past 25 years. The complete opposite is the reality. The dunes in this area are not only not in decline, but are thicker and wider spread today than anytime in my memory that goes back 68 years. My father is 97 and has been coming here since he was a child, and he too can confirm the falseness of that statement. I have attached 3 pictures. The picture with the 2 children was taken by me about 21 years ago. You can clearly see the dunes on the right which are well away from the water. The second picture is of the exact same area taken 6 years ago. There are no willows in the picture. Granted the water level is higher, but you can clearly see that the dunes are much larger in the direction of the lake. Six years ago there were only grasses being feed by the nutrient rich water of the lake. These nutrients today in the lake have been allowed to feed plants on the shoreline by we the people on Ontario. The third picture is of the same area, but now the willow trees can be clearly seen and are gradually dominating the entire shoreline. Six years ago the Bruce Beach Cottagers' Association began asking the Township to please clear a path along the shoreline so that people could walk along the shore without walking through the thick grasses. We have attempted to "work with the Township to find a solution" for the past 6 years. They have stubbornly refused to do anything about the situation. They fall back on statements such as the one in Ms. McGarry's letter that says "the dunes are in decline." Which is completely false. Recently we have tried to "work with the Township to find a solution" to get the trees removed from the shoreline. Last year they asked us for a GPS location of all the trees in question. We took many hours of work, but finally did this for them. We presented this GPS information along with pictures, but again we have been turned down.

I would ask that you, or someone from MNR to come to our Annual General Meeting on Saturday August 5th at 10 am. to please explain to us why for over 100 years this beach looked like it did in my picture from 21 years ago but suddenly it now looks like the third picture with willows growing down to the water's edge. And to explain why this treed beach is to be considered the new normal.

I am writing to you as Ms.McGarry has indicated that it is now in your hands. I have cc'd Shawn Carey as he is the contact person on the MOA with the Township. I have cc'd others with an interest in this problem.


Brian MacEachern

President Bruce Beach Cottagers' Association

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