Message from BBCA President to the Township

Mayor Twolan and HK Council

I have 3 items I wish to bring forward.

  1. I wish to arrange a "walk about" on a part of the Bruce Beach shoreline to view the state of the near shore area. The Council agreed to a walk this Spring during a Council Meeting last Fall. Presently no one can take a walk along the shore unless they are willing to tramp around areas that are blocked by thick growths of willow trees that often extend right down to the water's edge. The growth of willows has exploded in recent years making a walk virtually impossible. As well many residents have tried to cut these obstacles resulting in small stumps that can trip the unwary walkers. For over 100 years the shoreline has been the main thoroughfare for residents to travel on to visit neighbours and for quiet strolls during the day and evenings. Residents from all parts of Huron-Kinloss come to the shoreline for these walks. The BBCA (Bruce Beach Cottagers Association) would ask the Township to remove trees from the near shore so that walks can be resumed.

  2. The BBCA would ask the Council to arrange a yearly large garbage pickup for the shoreline residents, and possibly for all residents. We are an aging population and almost all of us do not have a trailer to be used to take large items to the dump. We struggle to remove old, unwanted items that can't be put in a car, to be taken to the dump. In most larger municipalities large items are simply put out by the curb to be picked up with the regular garbage at regular pick up times. As a small Municipality we would ask that a once a year pickup be arranged for all residents.

  3. The BBCA would ask that garbage pickup on private roads be extended from April 1st through to November 30, or better still, pickup should be continued all year if the roads are passable. ie. when there is no snow on the ground. In the past garbage has been picked up in these areas from Victoria Day weekend through to Thanksgiving. More and more residents are now living year round or spending more time at their residence in the Spring and Fall.

Brian MacEachern

President, BBCA

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