Delegation by Brian MacEachern December 5, 2016

Trees growing down to the water’s edge along the shoreline of Bruce Beach

Over the past 10 years excessive nutrients from gullies, ditches, streams, and rivers have flowed into Lake Huron. The wave action has then pushed these nutrients up onto the beach where they have been trapped in the sand. As a result various plants have taken hold close to the water’s edge. During high water times most plants are removed by the wave action. However trees, particularly Willow Trees, have a root system that isn’t affected by the storms. As in the picture included, the willow trees now prevent people from walking along many parts of the beach.

Over one hundred years ago residents of Huron-Kinloss and from further afield discovered the beauty and relaxing effects of being near the water. The first visitors camped along the dunes and later began renting lots and building cabins. In order to reach their site they drove down the Tenth Concession and entered the beach then driving on the beach to their cabin area. Local merchants began driving along the beach in order to sell products to the campers. The individuals found the beach to be their natural “pathway” to walk to visit friends and neighbours. As well they walked the shoreline simply for the pleasure. During the past hundred years people have used the beach in this manner. Cars can no longer be found on the beach ever since roads were developed and access to the cabins could be from the east.

A delegation from Bruce Beach met with Mike Fair this past August. Mike stated that he was aware of the problem and acknowledged that the trees within a short distance of the shoreline should be removed. I met with Mike a second time in October after a group from Bruce Beach walked the entire beach taking pictures of problem areas and marking their location using GPS. Mike indicated that he wished to wait until Spring in order to see what the ice and Winter storms do to the trees. I feel this is appropriate. However I would like to request that the Council allocate funds in the 2017 Budget earmarked to remove all trees within a reasonable distance from the water.

I would like to remind the Council that the Memorandum of Agreement between H-K Township and the MNR states in the first paragraph “Whereas the Township wishes to prohibit and control certain uses on the Crown owned beaches of Lake Huron in order to ensure the protection of the ecological integrity of the beaches and sand dunes while providing public recreational day use of the beaches.” The Bruce Beach Cottagers Association asks that the recreational use provided by the Township be an area along the shoreline where all residents of Huron-Kinloss are able to partake in a quiet walk by the water’s edge.

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