Huron Kinloss Community Safety Committee being organized - Request for your Comments

I would like to put out a call to all members of the Bruce Beach Cottager's Association for comments and concerns that I could raise at the next Community Safety Committee meeting in March 2016. Please forward your questions and comments concerning the safety and enforcement of laws in our community to me at

Thank you

David Grant


Bruce Beach Cottager's Association


On January 19th, Mike Wilken of the South Bruce OPP, organized a "Community Safety Committee" which included the Staff Sergeant, Paul Richardson; Fire Chief from the Tiverton, Christopher Cleave; Huron-Kinloss Clerk Sonja Watson; H-K By-Law Enforcement Officer, Brianne Andrew and representatives from two beach associations, Lurgan- Blairs Grove, Gary Maucock and myself. Other organizations were also contact by Officer Wilken prior to the meeting, these included the Lucknow Fire Chief, community organizations Kinsman, Rotary and Lions clubs from both communities and the Point Clark Beach Association.

The intent of the meeting is to begin to organize a local "Safety Committee" to discuss public safety issues and how to best manage and serve the community in a cost effective way. This is a volunteer committee that will meet as required and or four times a year.

Issues to be discussed will be raised by the various members and their organizations. As an example, at our Bruce Beach Councillors meeting, the concern was raised about EMS and Police having difficulty locating the proper cottage during an emergency. While Officer Wilken is a local member of the Policy Detachment and is very knowledgeable of our private road system, not all South Bruce Officers have that local knowledge. This Committee will assist the various members of the community responsible for providing serves to our members to better understand our community and local cottage road system.

A second example was when to call "911" and when to call "211" in order to obtain local services such as police, fire, Coast Guard rescue, animal control EMS service and by-law enforcement. Staff Sergeant Richardson pointed out the police have very limited options when dealing with an animal complaint issue and that it will be classified as a low priority call. 211 could quickly direct the inquiry to By-law enforcement or animal control.

211 Services has had a service agreement with Huron-Kinloss Twp. since 2013. The goal is for 211 to be the first and best place for everyone in Ontario to find, connect to and communicate with human services by phone and online. Everyday information and referral services are provided 24/7 by our regional service provider in Owen Sound. Protocols have been established between 911 and 211 crisis and distress lines. Often 211 is better source to deal with by-law enforcement issues, non-life threatening fire complaints, Police traffic complaints such as speeding, animal control both domestic and wild life issues and community inquiries for all levels of government.

These are only two examples of the types of issues that the Community Safety Committee will review and discuss with the various local service providers, others could be water safety, speeding issues, trespassing complaints, cottage and building security, ambulance services, electrical service issues, fire safety, fallen trees etc.


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