BBGC 2015

The Bruce Beach Golf Club is well underway for 2015. A group of 12 volunteers under the direction of Brian MacEachern and David Wilson have built a new shed near the 3rd tee to house the course maintenance equipment and this replaces the old green shed which had a dirt floor and was barely standing. We would like to thank all the volunteers for their time and effort in constructing this fine addition to the Golf Club.

Below you will find three notices pertaining to the Golf Club:

2015 Dues Billing Notice

2015 Fundraiser Notice

2015 Billy Open Notice

In the past these were distributed by hand, but this year we are sending them electronically as well, which will be more convenient for many.

The Dues Notice lists the fee structure for membership and can be completed and payment attached and either mailed to the address on the notice or deposited in the cash box at the 1st Tee at the Golf Club.

The Fundraiser Notice can be completed for dinner and golf or dinner only on July 25th. Again this can be mailed with payment or placed in the cash box at the 1st Tee. To reserve your place you can also send an email to: and then follow up with the payment. We will attempt to make room for all those interested but space may be limited.

The Billy Open is celebrating its 10th year. Space is limited so reserve your spot by emailing the address on the notice or dropping off a note at cottage 171-2.

Jim Pennington



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