BBGC New Tee Benches

You may be aware that last year we installed three new benches at tees 4, 6 and 7. These were funded by three Beach families who chose their wording and the assembly and installation was done by the BBGC.

This year four more families have requested benches and these will be installed at tees 2, 3, 5 and 9. We already have new benches at tees 1 & 8. That leaves one tee without a new bench and that is the lower tee on #8.

My reason for writing is to ask if anyone is interested in ordering a bench for the lower tee on #8. If so, I want to order 5 benches for this spring.

Details of the bench are as follows:

The benches will be the same as those installed last year and you can look online at the bench at and enter search keyword ‘Silhouette Memorial Bench’. We are using the cedar colour and using an inground installation. The prices shown do not include shipping or installation. The total price per bench last year was about $1,150. which was the cost of product plus shipping plus $100 for installation, and we will do the same for the new benches.

You have to decide on the inscription for your bench. The lettering will be black and the is size as shown on the website. You can have up to three boards of inscription with a maximum of 32 characters per board and the lettering will be centred on each board as shown. All spaces and punctuation count as one space. I found using an “&” rather than “and” was helpful in creating our wording. There is no flexibility in the size and number of characters for the inscription. The assembly of the benches is done once they arrive, so you can also decide if you would like a blank board as the topmost board and have the inscription below that. The number of boards inscribed affect the pricing slightly.

Some have selected no inscription and will instead mount a plaque. Plaques are not available from this manufacturer and it is the donors responsibility to make and mount the plaque.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

If more then one family is interested, the spot available will go to the first one to confirm to me that they definitely want the lower #8 tee location. If there is additional interest we can see about doing something more in the future.

Jim Pennington




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