Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring Station

McCosh Grove Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Monitoring Station

Please note that Tom Karrow, McCosh Grove Property Manager, in consultation with, and assistance from, the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), has installed an EAB monitoring station in the large ash tree by the southeast corner of the Clubhouse. It may look like an odd kite lodged in the tree or an odd green Mexican piñata but it is not. It is a green prism hanging approximately 5 m (15 ft) above the ground (see related photos below). This station contains a natural pheromone (attractant) and a sticky adhesive designed to attract and trap any EAB insects which may be in the area. It is non-hazardous to humans, animals and birds as left undisturbed (the pheromone is naturally produced by plants and is used in food and vegetable flavours and perfumes). Please do not disturb this station and if by chance you discover it has fallen to the ground, do not touch it but please contact any of those listed below so that they can fix and/or remove it.

The station will remain in place until September when it will be removed and inspected by the SVCA to determine if the EAB has arrived in our immediate area. As you may know the EAB has been ravaging ash trees throughout many parts of the USA and southern Ontario over the past number of years and its presence has been confirmed in the Ripley, Lucknow and Point Clark areas. Although McCosh Grove has already begun to form a proposed action plan, we decided to install this station to provide us with more information on the possible arrival already of the EAB in our area.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the following:

Tom Karrow – cottage #1

David Wilson – cottage 7a

Allan Prang – cottage 13

Rob Parker – cottage 20

Rob Parker

Secretary, McCosh Grove Limited



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