Bruce Beach Baseball

Morning Baseball: 


Morning baseball is for all those Bruce Beach kids (12 & under) who enjoy baseball and want to make new friends or catch up with old friends.  The baseball facilities at the North end have guaranteed a fun time for all.  Everyone goes home a winner!


The activity takes place from 9.30 am to 10.30 am Monday through Friday every week during July and August.  The ball diamond is located next to the Cameron Grove tennis courts behind Cottage 125.  To join in and play, come any day of the week before 9.30 am and bring a glove. 


There is a real need for weekly volunteers as our facilities have attracted a greater turnout of children.  What would really be great is if we can have new volunteers for coaching who have never coached before – it’s a great way to have your children meet other children on the beach and establish relationships with their parents.


To volunteer to coach please contact David Newson.  The commitment is typically for one week (Monday to Friday).  You can also share the coaching with another to spread the joy of helping the kids learn the skills and love of the game. 


If you are interested in becoming coach for youth softball, please contact David at: (Home), 905-471-4247 (Home) (Work), or 905-867-2643 (Cell).


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Wednesday Evening Baseball:  

This is for youth ages 11 and up from 7 to 8 pm at the Huff-Clark Ball Diamond (behind 51 Ball Park Lane).  This is a wonderful opportunity for teenagers to get to know their peers along the beach, while enjoying a fun ball game.  Al Rose will coordinate this activity, but he will need volunteers to help out.  Al’s email is; you can also text him at 416 705 1977.  The first game will be on July 10th, and the final game of the season will be August 28th (assuming sufficient numbers show up, which can be iffy on the last Wednesday prior to the start of school).  Thanks to all players and parents who so enthusiastically support this fun activity, and please remember to tell your guests and renters that they are all most welcome to join in the fun! 


Sunday Morning Baseball: 

Men's Sunday baseball at the Huff-Clark Baseball Field is every Sunday in July and August starting at 9:00AM (starting June 30th this year on Canada Day weekend) and the North-South Baseball game will be on Sunday August 4th.  Please come to play or watch.


Games are unofficial, with one exception:  The Bruce Beach North-South Baseball Classic 

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